Handling the Truth

p. 17 “In the faces of my students I see the person I once was…”  

As this school year closes down for some deep breathing and renewal, I greedily, yet with some trepidation, gaze at the stack of my summer reading – reading that is distinguished from those of instant and direct interest to my elementary and middle school students. During the school year I have built a small, but imposing shrine to my better self. Words stacked atop words – words from others who are far more eloquent than I.

This book, on the art of writing the memoir by Beth Kephart, adorns the top. A friendly turn of pen that invites and encourages me to be the person I once was…one who could stop the world’s intrusions, allowing me to pull into my Self, and experience the quiet, ecstatic joy of being alone with a good book. This is a renewal of which I am in desperate need. The demands of this particular school year have assaulted me, testing my resilience for empathy and compassion, for reasons as yet unknown. This is my truth; the other, reading will heal me.


Kephart, Beth. Handling the truth: on the writing of memoir. New York: Gotham Books, 2013. Print.


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