Stories of My Life

Stories of My Life by Katherine Paterson

The hiatus from teaching and librarianship flew by o’er these past two weeks. This is due in part to my reading of above book – a gift from an astute friend who has nothing to do with formal librarianship, but much to do with libraries and reading!  She is an avid reader.

Although this is touted as a biography in many reviews, my dear students may find this in the 810s (DDC) as it has more to do with an understanding of this author, rather than a linear biography for sequential events in her life.  It is a delight. Imagine Ms. Paterson sitting across from you, a pastel pink button-down sweater, a single strand of elegant pearls, with tea in hand. She and you are chitchatting about her life, as events arise in the ebb and flow of a relaxed conversation. Reading this book every evening presented me with such an opportunity. Her life as a child, living in Japan with her missionary parents and siblings in peace and times of war, her serendipitous meeting of her would-be husband, marriage, travel again, and her experiences portrayed through her novels – all are divulged with honesty and in the language of friendship. While not within the same category as Stories of My Life, it is Michael Morpurgo’s A Storymaker’s Journey: Singing For Mrs Pettigew that comes to mind.  His compilation of short, intimate stories although fictional, resonate in tenderness, drama and humor with Miss Paterson’s chapters.

Paterson, Katherine. Stories of My Life. New York: Dial Books, 2014. Print.


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