The Metropolis Case: a Novel

p. 216  “More unbelievable, the north tower began to vibrate like a corrugated sheet of metal before it buckled and collapsed, as if a bomb had been detonated underneath it. As a mushroom cloud erupted from the site, Martin remembered a passage in which Thoreau described the deafening groan of the last of a stand of majestice white pines being felled by two woodman with a crosscut saw.”

The cover art & design teams for paperback books never seem to get credit, except for few mandatory lines on the back. Does anyone read these besides me?

Anyway, it was the cover that attracted me to this book. I had never heard of Matthew Gallawy (I apologize, dear Mr. Gallaway), and when I read that he was from Pittsburgh (which holds a special place in my agéd heart) I could not resist. More serendipity follows. Opera.  I know close to nothing about this art form but for a few major names. Despite my SRO attendance at the Kennedy Center presentation of Aïda in my youth and my love of the PBS shows “Inspector Morse” and recently, “Endeavor,”  I am an innocent. Domingo, Pavoratti, Fleming, Sutherland, and Callas are familiar names, but this is due to my zia’s love of opera which she shared with me in her small kitchenette while we sat and drank our caffè – she attended performances when affordable, both in New York and Rome during the 1960’s.  As you can see,

I digress often….this premiere novel has an operatic thread that runs through, connecting the lives of three characters who are at once the same and different. I was smitten with the story despite the dispassionate attachment I had with those same characters. Quite unconventional. Visceral and dense with the underlying tensions among the time periods, characters, and with you, dear reader! The historical backdrops of Paris & Munich in the mid-1800s,the 1960s of Pittsburgh, and New York in the 2000s, seem so incongruous – almost laughable – yet, more than clever, the complexity of events to merge into a solid story is nothing less than remarkable.

Gallaway, Matthew. The Metropolis Case: a Novel.  Broadway Paperbacks: New York, 2010. Print.


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