Food For Two: How to cook and what to cook for a small family…


“Let good food and good cookery
Bring you cheer and harmony.”


Sometimes I tend to overlook the most obvious of books – cookbooks. Here, I pay tribute to one found in mint condition, in a used book store years ago. It has been sitting on our bookshelves waiting for the right owner to claim it.

It is:

  • a hardback
  • with hand-sewn binding
  • 1947 copyright date
  • pristine

Alas! it remains neglected.  I could not bear to throw it out for a variety of reasons, despite the dated recipes. What millenial would ever serve these dishes, or even use a print resource?  What do to?

So, I decided to do a little research on the author, Ida Bailey Allen, who I discovered has written a plethora of cookbooks. She was the ideal homemaker of her time, dispensing advice not only on food, but on all sorts of household concerns – utensils, place settings, coffee-makers….Moreover, she was one smart entrepreneur and self-promoter!  With radio shows, lectures at Chatauqua, syndicated newspaper & magazine articles, this woman made a living…and more.  Her books are still available through Amazon today. If you want to read more about her, there is a delightful website that goes into much more detail.about her books and her fame.

Listen this 12 minute radio segment of  Ida Bailey Allen and the Chef.

Allen, Ida Bailey. Food For Two. Garden City: Country Life, 1947. Print.

This recipe is my speed & budget.

Panned Sardines (Serves 2 to 3)

1 small can of sardines                   Strips of toast

                            Half slices of lemon

  1. Heat the sardines in the oil from the can.
  2. Arrange each one on a strip of toast; garnish with lemon

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