Kingdom Come: an Elizabeth Harris novel

p 72 “It’s an interesting choice, to breed an animal that can’t reproduce itself.  Must make it challenging.”

This is one of the many things I learned while reading a book, this book, that I picked out of one of the numerous Little Free Library stands which dot the Takoma Park landscape. Not familiar with the title or the author, but born and raised in eastern
Pennsylvania, I could not resist the cover – an Amish buggy and barn in winter.

It turns out that it was the perfect book to read during the past week of presidential election stress. Every evening after a depressingly repetitive news spiel, I could  hunker down under our heavy wool blanket, in silence and with book in hand. The backdrop is an ingenious marriage of personalities – reminiscent of many a PBS mystery series, Vera lovers combining the local, low-key policeman and the Type A, more urbane detective.Not only are my eyes now open about mules versus horses, but I have gained a new appreciation for the difficulty of NOT romanticizing a way of life – anybody’s way of life. And, speaking of romance, this mystery with a tinge of lustful romance was key to breathing deeply and lowering the post-news blood pressure. Enjoyable in plot, character development, and pacing, I am happy to return this book to another “free library,” or hand over to my “dear neighbor” with much satisfaction.

Added note: the author, Jane Jensen, lives in Lancaster County, PA and is quite the video game designer. No wonder the setting is so visually appealing, as she has an eye for descriptive detail.

Jensen, Jane. Kingdom Come: An Elizabeth Harris novel.  New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2016. Print.


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