How To Find Love In a Bookshop

For some of us…these times are stressful. Headlines, online or in print, flash bad news from weather to political turmoil. It is painful to read the words associated.  For some of us, we need an escape. Serendipitously, on such a day heavy with dismay, a dear colleague came bounding into the library exclaiming, “You have to read this book!  I thought of you!” As you know, dear reader, when one is immersed in the misery of world events, one tends to wallow in this. I was hesitant. Yet, kindness prevailed and I accepted the book graciously while thinking to myself, “No way.”


Humble pie. This is the book for delightful escape. Veronica Henry is unabashedly a “romantic” writer and I am grateful. The bookshop is the metaphor for goodness in the world. Any librarian can see this; all librarians worth their M.L.S. appreciate this nod to “the book” and “the space” as integral to life. While romance, dastardly intentions, snarky characters and comeuppance abound, it is the bookshop that prevails. No, this is NOT a spoiler; it is, after all, a romantic novel!

On a day when the New York Times headlines are filled with images of climate change, warring tribes and factions, our own citizens lashing out at one another, grab this book and retreat.

For some of us, we will be renewed.

Henry, Veronica. How To Find Love In a Bookshop.  New York: A Pamela Dorman Book, Viking , 2016.


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