How To Find Love In a Bookshop

“All those words, and the pleasure they had provided for people over the years: escape, entertainment, education…he had changed minds (12).”


The Hollow Land

“So the two of them set off walking in the heat of the afternoon, up the ribbony road and tipping over the hill as the car had done, past the great sleeping lime quarry dazzling the sky; on past the row of dusty fir trees all covered in grey powder…” (15) I transform into a skeptic…

Miss Timmins School For Girls: a novel

p. 94 “No wonder I felt I was swimming underwater. Not only had the missionaries created a British boarding school in this corner of India, they had even managed to create the Victorian boarding school of their own childhoods.” This book was especially poignant to me as I teach in a private school, all-boys, rather…