A Man Called Ove: a novel

“It was five to six in the morning when Ove and the cat met for the first time. The cat instantly disliked Ove exceedingly. The feeling was very much reciprocated” (5).

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The Summer Book

p. 109   “A small island, on the other hand, takes care of itself.  It drinks melting snow and spring rain and, finally, dew, and if there is a drought, the island waits for the next summer and grows its flowers then instead. The flowers are used to it, and wait quietly in their roots. There’s…

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Nine Open Arms

Part One. “The walls were whitewashed. The timber floor was bare.  As if the room was waiting to be ours.” Imagine yourself in a familiar setting, yet strange. A house somewhat sunken into the ground. A door is not a door. All is not what it appears. Sunlight can easily stream in through the windows…