The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories

“Bear in mind,” she told Cally, “that whatever you do choose as an occupation, in due course, will form the habits of a lifetime” from ‘License to Kill’ (p 96).


God On the Rocks

“But the weather had changed and darkened and home was nowhere to be seen. She turned her face out to the incoming sea and splashed on” (147).

book cover (pbk)

The Widow’s War: a novel

p. 46  “Lyddie looked up at the sky, moonless and star-pocked.  Oh, Edward, she thought, how could you possess such knowledge of my flesh and so little of my spirit?” How could I resist a cover design using a detail of a Winslow Homer painting, “Girl With Red Stocking”?  I did not. For a mere…

Miss Timmins School For Girls: a novel

p. 94 “No wonder I felt I was swimming underwater. Not only had the missionaries created a British boarding school in this corner of India, they had even managed to create the Victorian boarding school of their own childhoods.” This book was especially poignant to me as I teach in a private school, all-boys, rather…