Murder In An English Village: a Beryl and Edwina Mystery

 “As I am sure you will agree, one of the great strengths of the British people is a clear understanding of one’s place (103)”.


God On the Rocks

“But the weather had changed and darkened and home was nowhere to be seen. She turned her face out to the incoming sea and splashed on” (147).

The English Agent

”Magic is the moment when a ghost appears on the stage…”


The Summer Before the War

“On a day such as today, the widows and the grieving mother were expected to keep their black weeds and pale faces in their shuttered homes…No parade of victory or peace ever included the biers of the dead” (302).


Thomas Hardy: the World of His Novels

“The interdependence of character and environment has its roots in Hardy’s upbringing and childhood…” (Bullen, 10).